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Please join me in congratulating Kevin Daysal on passing his Private Pilot checkride this Saturday with DPE Randy Haralson in Greenwood, SC.

Checkride day was quite an adventure. Winds were forecast to be strong and gusty, beyond anything Kevin had flown in previously. But, he wanted to proceed and at least get the oral exam done, even if he would have to come back another day for the flight exam.

The flight out was a bit bumpy, and we had a tail wind that pushed our ground speed to 150 KT! As planned, we arrived 90 minutes prior to the scheduled appointment to get familiar with the area and with the winds. We ran through the entire PTS, and then did 6 landings in winds that were 15G20. Fortunately, the winds were almost straight down the runway, so the only real concern was the windshear.

Kevin has been a great student who possesses a natural ability to multitask, maintain situational awareness, and control the airplane, so he handled this new challenge well. He is one of the few students I have had who I would trust to take a checkride in these conditions.

After the last landing, I told him that if he does that well on the checkride, he will pass without any problem. Of course, we also discussed that he would be PIC on the checkride, and that it would be up to him to cancel the flight portion, or discontinue it after starting, if he felt the conditions were beyond his abilities.

The oral exam was done in about 1:20. Randy’s only comment was, “I wish they were all that easy.” By the time the flight started, the winds were 18G25 from variable directions, but more or less straight down the runway. 1.1 hours later, the flight was over. Randy’s comment on the flight was, “He passed! The landings weren’t pretty by any means, but he did much better than I would have expected in these conditions.”

The flight home was quite a roller-coaster ride, and Kevin commented that he never wanted to fly in conditions like this again 🙂

Congratulations, Kevin. It’s been a pleasure flying with you.

Nelse Hansen, CFI

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